Activate Windows 10 free without activation key

Questions about Activate Windows 10 are among the most frequently asked by users: how the system is activated, where to get the activation key for a clean installation of Windows 10 on the PC, why various clients have similar keys and other comparative remarks must be addressed routinely. And now, two months after the release, Microsoft published an official instruction with information about the process of activating a new operating system, I will outline all the main points from it related to the activation of Windows 10 below.

Activate Windows 10

You can also use Windows 11 activation key, see what the limitations are when working in Windows 10 without activation since last year, Windows 10 has supported key activation for Windows 7, 8.1, and 8. It was reported that this activation will stop working with the Anniversary Update, but it continues to work, including for new 1903 images on a clean install. You can use it both after installing the system and with a clean installation using the latest images from the Microsoft website (see How to download Windows 10).


Updates in Windows 10 activation in version 1607

Starting in August 2016, in Windows 10, the license (obtained through a free upgrade from previous versions of the OS) is tied not only to the hardware ID (which is described in the next section of this material), but also to the data of the Microsoft account, if any.

This, according to Microsoft, should help resolve activation problems, including major changes to the computer’s hardware (such as replacing the computer’s motherboard).

In case the activation was not successful, in the “Update and security” – “Windows 11 product key” section of the parameters, the item “Troubleshooting activation problems” will appear, which, it is assumed (not yet personally verified), will take into account your account, the licenses assigned to it, as well as the number of computers on which this license is used.

Activation is linked to a Microsoft account automatically to the “main” account on the computer, in this case, in the activation information in the settings for Windows 10 version 1607 and higher, you will see a message that “Windows is activated with a digital license tied to your Microsoft account.”

Assuming you are utilizing a nearby record, beneath in similar part of boundaries you will be incited to add a Microsoft account, to which the initiation will be connected.

When added, your local account is replaced with a Microsoft account, and the license is tied to it. In theory (here I do not guarantee), you can delete your Microsoft account after that, the linking should remain in effect, although in the activation information the information that the digital license is linked to the account disappears.


Digital license as the main method of beginning

Official information confirms what was known before: those users who upgraded from Windows 7 and 8.1 to Windows 10 for free or bought an update in the Windows Store, as well as those who participate in the Windows Insider program, receive activation without the need to enter activation key, through binding the license to the hardware (in the Microsoft article it is called Digital Entitlement, what the authority interpretation will be, I don’t have the foggiest idea yet).Update: It’s officially called Digital Resolution.

What this means for the average user: After you have upgraded to Windows 10 on your computer once, it is automatically activated on subsequent clean installations (if you upgraded from a license).

And in the future, you do not need to study the instructions on the topic “How to find the key of the installed Windows 10 “. At any time, you can create a bootable USB flash drive or disk with Windows 10 by official means and run a clean installation (reinstallation) of the OS on the same computer or laptop, skipping the key entry wherever it is required: the system will be activated automatically after connecting to the Internet.

Self-introduction of the previously spied on after updating the key during installation or after it in the properties of the computer, in theory, can even harm.

Who needs a Windows 10 activation key?

Presently about the initiation key: as of now referenced, clients who got Windows 10 by refreshing needn’t bother with this key (in addition, as many may have seen, on various PCs and different users may have the same key if you look at it in one of the known ways), since successful activation depends on it.

A product key for installation and activation is required in cases when:

You bought a boxed version of Windows 10 from a store (the key is located inside the box).

You have purchased a new device with Windows 10 preinstalled (they promise a sticker or a key card included).

As you can see, at the current moment in time, few people need the key, and those who need it, most likely, have the question of where to find the activation key is not worth it.


Activation after hardware configuration change

An important question that many were interested in: how will the activation “tied” to the equipment work if you change this or that equipment, especially if the replacement concerns the key components of the computer?

Microsoft responds to it as well: “If you upgrade to Windows 10 using a free upgrade, and then make significant hardware changes to your device, such as replacing the motherboard, Windows 10 may no longer activate.

Update 2016: judging by the information available, starting in August of this year, the Windows 10 license obtained as part of the update can be tied to your Microsoft account. This is done in order to facilitate the activation of the system when changing the hardware configuration, but how exactly it will work – we’ll see. Perhaps it will be possible to transfer the activation to a completely different hardware.


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