Features of Windows 7 and Benefits for pc 2021

Types of Windows 7

Windows 7 Ultimate is the most ideal option. It combines all the benefits of previous versions and introduces new features. Here you can combine work and play, without the need to make any effort, because Windows 7 Ultimate is designed to make life easier. The most secure release, plus the most flexible (supports 35 languages).

Operating system Windows 7 Home Premium. With it, you can easily organize your own home network. Members of this network will be able to easily exchange information of interest to them. Also a key feature of Windows 7 Extended Home is that you can work with TV programs: watch, pause, rewind and even record.

Windows 7

If your computer is not only for entertainment, but also for work, then the edition of Windows 7 Professional is suitable. Compared to the “Home Advanced” version, the security of the operating system in the professional package is more thoughtful. With this version of Windows 7, you can run a large number of programs that are designed for Windows XP. This will help a special mode, which is called “Windows XP”.

Windows 7 Home Basic version for home use. It lacks some of the restrictions imposed on Windows 7 Starter, but at the same time, many features included in Windows 7 Home Premium are not available to users under this OS. The Home Basic version will not support the Aero Glass interface. In addition, this version does not have all the effects of Aero desktop, “premium” games, and a number of other functions.

Windows 7 Starter makes it easy to work with laptops by reducing waiting time, clicks, and simplifying the process of connecting to the network. Windows 7 Starter combines the latest advances in reliability and speed with the traditional convenience and broad compatibility of Windows operating systems.

Microsoft Windows 7 Vulnerability Analysis

According to a new report released recently, 90% of critical vulnerabilities in Windows 7 can be closed by using a standard user account instead of an administrator account.

According to BeyondTrust’s 2009 Microsoft Vulnerability Analysis (PDF), admin stripping could also protect against exploitation of all Office security holes discovered last year, 94% of Internet Explorer vulnerabilities and 100% of IE8 vulnerabilities discovered last year. And 64% of all vulnerabilities in Microsoft products discovered during this period of time.

There are several trade-offs associated with removing administrator rights. Saurabh Bhatnagar, vice president of operations for BeyondTrust, said that, for example, ordinary users will most often not be able to install software and use applications that require elevated privileges.

In Vista, Microsoft added User Account Control (UAC) technology to restrict users from using certain applications. When you come across something that requires elevated privileges, you will be required to provide your administrator login credentials, but in most enterprise configurations, regular users do not, said Scott McCarley, director of marketing for BeyondTrust. He also added that the recent changes to UAC in Windows 7 did not affect regular users.

BeyondTrust offers a product called Privilege Manager that allows users to start processes that would normally require elevated privileges without having to use administrator rights.

Paul Cooke, director of Windows Client Product Management, when asked for comment on the report’s findings, said the company did allow users to perform an additional set of Windows operations without the need for administrator privileges.

We believe that a standard user experience is good practice for Windows, its ecosystem and all of our users,”he said. “We hope that with UAC, ISVs will continue to customize their applications to work with consumer rights. In compiling the report, BeyondTrust analyzed about 75 security bulletins published by Microsoft over the past year, which eliminated a total of about 200 vulnerabilities.


Using your computer just got easier

Windows 7 contains many improvements, most of which are suggested by the users themselves. As a result of these changes, computing is faster, more convenient, and more efficient. Windows 7 is convenient and productive to work with. Efficient ways to find and manage files, such as Jump Lists and Previews in the refined taskbar, speed up your work.

Windows 7 Home Basic
Make everyday tasks faster and easier Windows 7 Home Basic provides faster and easier access to the programs and documents you use most often. Improved navigation makes it easier and faster to complete everyday tasks with Windows 7 Home Basic.


Windows 7 Home Premium
More entertainment options Windows 7 Home Premium makes it easy to create a home network and share photos, videos, and music. You can also watch, pause, rewind and record TV shows. Get the best entertainment experience with Windows 7 Home Extended.
Windows 7 Professional
Everything you need for work and home Windows 7 Professional brings you closer to success. You can run many applications previously used in Windows XP in a special Windows XP compatibility mode, and easily restore data using backups automatically created on your home or corporate network. For a more reliable connection to the corporate network, use the “Join Domain” feature. With a variety of entertainment options, Windows Professional is a great choice for home and work.
Windows 7 Ultimate
Designed for those who want to get the most out of their operating system Windows 7 Ultimate is the most versatile and powerful release of Windows 7. It combines the exceptional ease of use of the entertainment features of the Home Premium Edition with the productivity features of the Professional Edition, including the ability to run many Windows XP applications. in Windows XP mode. For added security, data can be encrypted using BitLocker and BitLocker To Go features. For added flexibility, 35 languages ​​are available. All of this can be obtained in Windows 7 Ultimate.

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