Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas All Weapons

The primary game in the Grand Theft Auto arrangement to present auto-point, San Andreas makes employing weapons a lot more agreeable subsequently. What’s more, the lock on track changes tone as the soundness of whoever you’re shooting diminishes importance you’ll realize when to quit terminating. By a wide margin the most engaging expansion to the game’s shooting mechanics however is the expansion of double employing. Without precedent for a GTA game you had the option to prepare two weapons simultaneously. Be that as it may, this is only one little piece of what makes San Andreas a particularly incredible game. We should plunge into the absolute best weapons and see what you can use to work up massacre in the city of San Andreas.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas All Weapons

Grand Theft Auto M4 Assault Rifle Gun

The M4, in view of the M16 attack rifle, is supported by coordinated wrongdoing units like the mafia. Nothing unexpected it ought to be in a GTA game.Presently if that is sufficiently not to persuade you to turn into a small time armed force, the M16 is mercilessly exact and equipped for showering down slugs on an expansive assortment of adversaries. The refreshed impacts sound very charming to the ears and with an incredible model plan, the M4 prevails over the AK-47 because of its better capability and more exceptional flavor.


Regardless of whether it’s Worms or Call of Duty, projectiles are perhaps the most fulfilling weapons to utilize period.GTA San Andreas demonstrates this by and by with their projectile weapons. Going around the roads throwing explosives toward each path certainly has its place, yet the genuine fulfillment is to get out whole groups of partners in crime.An escape prison free card, the projectile can be a lifeline in the event that you end up nailed somewhere near foe gunfire and need a respite.In any event, when you’re not secured up battle, explosives can be utilized to send vehicles flying and wreck around with the pleasant material science of the game.


The Japanese Katana is a long sword equipped for conveying a lethal blow or in any event, beheading any helpless soul who crosses your way.Release the soul of Japan and go all bonzai on your foes with this devastatingly effective skirmish weapon.The additional realistic impacts in San Andreas let you really see each cut of the cutting edge. Pretty insane.On the off chance that you need a scuffle weapon that is really proficient and isn’t only for comic impact (see the following section) at that point the Katana is presumably your smartest option.

Sawed-Off Shotgun

Probably the best weapon for tight situation battle, the sawed-off shotgun is a fabulous decision for raging structures or taking out that one person you simply don’t care for.A profoundly amazing shotgun, the sawed-off model isn’t simply unbelievably amusing to utilize yet in addition blows away its objectives effortlessly. Also, this is an incredible method to try out and mess with the game’s ragdoll physical science.Shockingly these are likewise lovely simple to find so check this guide and go chasing.

Fire Extinguisher

Just as having the option to extinguish shoot, which is certainly valuable in this game, the discharge douser in San Andreas additionally fills in as a fascinating weapon.While you will not have the option to swing the substantial thing at your foes around other people, what you will actually want to do is hose them down and daze them so you can get some space and make your escape.Let’s assume you need to complete a mission rapidly or discover something in a house without managing the occupants. Whip out the convenient dandy fire douser and ensure they get no opportunity to fight back.

Molotov cocktail

Straying marginally in plan from molotov mixed drinks in past forms of the game, in GTA San Andreas these weapons are earthy colored rather than green. However they’re no less deadly.Be a genuine criminal by deciding on the hand crafted molotov mixed drink formula rather than the military-style projectile and set the roads land in a blast of magnificence.Profoundly powerful in enormous gatherings and no less engaging, the molotov mixed drink is a lethal tossed weapon that will make any space you stroll into. Simply ensure you don’t stroll through the blazes or you could get scorched yourself!

Tear Gas

Here’s another tossed weapon made to be all the more dangerous in the game that it is, all things considered. Nerve gas in San Andreas is fit for killing when somebody is presented to it for quite a while.Beside having the option to bring down foes, poisonous gas is fit for weakening a horde of individuals giving you a lot of conceivable outcomes. Nearly seems like a weapon of war, huh?Regardless of whether it’s blinding a gathering of criminals attempting to destroy you, or giving yourself an opportunity to get away from the police, poisonous gas will prove to be useful more than you’d might suspect.

Golf Club

A weapon that can be swung vivaciously while on the run, practice your best Happy Gilmore impression with the irate golf club in San Andreas.Beside enjoying a hearty chuckle as you thump somebody silly with this thing, the golf club is shockingly effective for those minutes you end up mobbed by a few people immediately and need to swing right out of a dilemma.

Hushed Pistol

Albeit rare, there will be a few minutes while playing San Andreas when you’ll need to settle on covertness over an immediate methodology.One approach to do this is by attempting to sneak past everyone with no setbacks. In any case, that is not actually the GTA way.Utilize a quieted gun to sneak your way through an adversary place to stay without being identified, yet as yet taking out everybody that crosses your way. The plan of this weapon likewise looks exceptionally consistent with life which adds into the authenticity.


Getting to the business end of things, you’re presumably going to incline toward a gun over a digging tool.So we should move into some genuine incredible alternatives getting going with the Uzi. With this you’ll have the option to see the value in how lightweight this firearm is the point at which you’re apportioning shots at a high rate and shooting from your motorbike at any police that may be hot on your tail.Also, when you arrive at Hitman level with the Uzi you’ll have the option to double use it with another handheld weapon for a definitive shooting experience. This is the thing that GTA was made for

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