How to Change VLC Media Player language

Virtually all media players can open files with more than one audio track, in the case of VLC Media Player as well, something that allows you to download a video and change the language to all that it includes. If you want to change the language of the audio in VLC Media Player, we will explain how to do it. Of course, keep in mind that this will require that the file include that language, something that not everyone does.

Open in VLC Media Player the video whose language you want to change

Now click on Audio> Audio Track in the upper area

Choose the track that corresponds to the language to select

Do you know everything about this program? Here are some VLC tricks that you probably did not know and that will be very useful for you.

Change language in VLC

Record your PC screen with VLC

Nowadays there are numerous tools to video record what you do on your PC . For example, Game DVR in Windows 10, or the GeForce Experience app, if you have an NVIDIA graphics card.

These programs allow you to record applications and games while using them.  But in some cases, like Game DVR, it is not possible to record the pc, and in others they only work with certain cards.

We are going to show you how you can record your PC screen with VLC. This popular media player has just been updated to version 3.0, and debuts many new features such as the long-awaited support of Chrome cast, HDR, 360-degree videos, and many more.

First of all, download and install  VLC for Windows . Start the player, go to the Media menu, and select Open capture device:

In the new window that appears, look for the Capture Mode box and choose Desktop.

Now go to the Options section and in the desired frame rate for capture box, choose the number of images per second you want to capture. The minimum advisable is 20 fps so that a fluid movement is reflected, but the ideal is 30 or 60 fps, although the video will take up a lot. If what you are going to do is record many hours (for example, for a surveillance session), then put 5 fps, or less.

Video recording your PC screen

Then click on the arrow next to the Play button, and choose Convert.

In the new window, within the Profile box, you will see a wrench icon. Press it and you can choose the recording format (MP4, MPG, etc.), the codec, the resolution, and other data that affect the quality of the video:

Back in the Convert window; select the destination file by clicking on the Browse button. Choose the folder where you are going to save the video, and write the name you want to give it. It only remains to press the Start button to start recording your PC screen with VLC.

Move the mouse, open applications, or whatever you want, on the desktop. You will see that VLC has been minimized in the taskbar. When you’re done, go back to VLC and hit the stop recording button. Now you just have to go to the destination folder of the video, and there will be the recording of your screen. Got it!

Video recording your PC screen is very useful to create courses, tutorials, show how a program is used to another person, etc.

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