How to find out the password from the WinRAR archive

Be very careful when encrypting the file, especially when adding important documents to the WinRAR archiver. To verify that you remember the password correctly, the program requires you to enter it 2 times. You can find out the password from the encrypted archive if the sender of the compressed folder informed you or you yourself encrypted it. In other cases, it is not possible to unlock the WinRAR archive and extract files. To avoid such situations, it is strongly recommended that you carefully remember the password or fix them.

How to compress photos in WinRAR

Archiving photos is the same as adding other files. Highlight the image or folder with the photo and click “Add to Archive”. Many users are interested in how to reduce the size of images when adding to the archive. Unfortunately, using the program minimally resizes the photo. If you use the jpg or png extension for storing photos, the archiver will not significantly reduce the image size, since these are already compressed formats. To reduce the size of photos, use the graphical editor.

compress photos in WinRAR

How to archive video

If you need to transfer a video clip or an important movie over the Internet, but you are not sure that it will not be visible to unauthorized persons, pack it into an archive. Having spent a minimum of time, you can reliably protect information by setting a secret code. To compress video files, select them in Explorer or search through the file manager in the archiver. If you select a video through the explorer, selecting it, right-click and select “Add to archive”. When archiving video through the program, select “Add” on the toolbar. Then perform the necessary actions: specify the path to save the video file, its name and compression method.

How to open iso file

When downloading games, quite often links to files with their images in the iso format drop out. By standard methods, such a file cannot be opened; for this a special program is needed. A program for archiving will also cope with this task. You can open and view information saved in the iso format, for example, program or game distributions, an OS image, by running the archiver. To do this, find the desired file in the program menu or click on the file itself in Explorer, and click “Open with.” In the list of files that opens, you can select the required one and unpack it. To unzip the iso file, select “Extract” in the window that opens and select the desired folder.

How to open mdf file

If the computer does not have applications for mounting images, you can use the archiver and quickly open any CD or DVD disc. Using the program, you can view disk files or program distributions, for example. A file with the mdf extension, like iso, is a disk image, but it opens a little differently. Select the mdf file and right-click on it. In the menu that opens, select “Open with.” You will be asked to select a program to open on the Internet or on your computer. To open the file correctly, select the second item “Select a program from the list of installed” and select WinRAR in the list. After these steps, all files and folders from the mdf archive can be quickly extracted with standard actions.

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