Install WinRAR – 5 Uses for Installing

Have you downloaded a compressed file (Winrar, .zip, .gz, .7z…) and need to extract the content? Or, conversely, do you have files that are too large on your PC and you want to reduce their size in order to share them? Two of the best programs to compress and decompress files for free are WinRAR and 7-Zip. We teach you how to use them.

  1. Download WinRAR and click on the installer. Choose the destination folder where you want to install it and click Install.
  2. A window will appear with various installation options:
  • Associating WinRAR allows you to choose WinRAR as the default application with which to open different types of compressed files.
  • In Interface, you can select which are the shortcuts you want to create for the program.
  • Command interpreter integration lets you decide if you want WinRAR tools to be displayed in context menus (the ones that appear when you right-click on a file) and, if so, how you want them to be displayed.
  • If you check the Cascading context menu they will show like this:
  • If you leave the options as they appear by default, they will appear like this:
  • Finally, click on

Install WinRAR

Unzip a file with WinRAR

  1. Right-click on a compressed file ( .zip, .rar , …). You will be presented with these three options:
  • Extracting files is the most complete: with it you can choose the specific directory of your PC in which you want to save the files once they are unzipped (we, for example, are going to save them on the Desktop). You can also create a new folder from this same menu. When you have selected where you want your files to go, click
  • Extract here drops the unzipped files directly into the same folder where the original file is.
  • Extract to (filename)does the same as above but previously creates a folder. The folder name will be that of the original file.
  • Note: In case the compressed file has a password, it will be necessary to know it to be able to decompress it.

With 7-Zip Install 7-Zip

  1. Download 7-Zip and run the installation file. Choose the path where you want the program to be installed and click Install.
  2. When you’re done, click Close.

Unzip a file with 7-Zip

  1. Right-click on the compressed file, hover over 7-Zip and select one of these three options:
    Extracting files allows you to save your unzipped files wherever you want. To do this, click on the icon with the three dots and select a folder on your computer. By default, 7-Zip will create a subfolder for the unzipped files with the name that you want (we have given you an example ). If you don’t want me to create it, leave this box blank. Finally, click on OK.
  • Extract here saves the unzipped files next to the compressed file, in the same folder.
  • Extract to (filename)creates a folder with the name of the original file and stores the unzipped files in it.

Compress a file with 7-Zip

Do you have one or more files too heavy to send by mail? Compressing them is very simple too:

  1. Drag the cursor to select all the files you want to compress and right-click on them. From the context menu select 7-Zip> Add to archive.
  2. A window will open with many options. The two most important are the name and the format (default is .7z), although you can also choose the compression level or even put a password so that only those who know it can decompress your file. Click OK: a compressed file will be created in the same folder as the original files.

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