SuperFetch Creating Problems For Gamers

SuperFetch can cause gaming problems if your system has 4 gigabytes of memory or less. This issue is genuine for gamers that play games that use a large amount of RAM, which constantly requires and releases memory.

There are several ways to disable this service in Windows 10

  1. Disable through services
  2. By pressing the windowskey click on “R Run “.
  3. Enter “services.msc”, then press “enter “.
  4. The “Services” window can be found in the “SuperFetch ” list.
  5. Right click on “SuperFetch”, and after clicking select “Properties “.
  6. Select “Stop” If you want to stop the service Drop-down menu “Launch type” Select “Off”.
  7. Enable or disable through the registry
  8. Pressing the windowskey click “R” To open “Run “.
  9. Enter “regedit”, then press “enter”.

SuperFetch Creating Problems

The Registry Editor window will open. Access the following registry location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE |SYSTEM |CurrentControlSet |Control Session |Manager Memory Management |PrefetchParameters

On the right, double-click “EnableSuperfetch” If this value does not exist, right-click on the “ PrefetchParameters ” folder , then select “ Create a »> “ DWORD Value (32-bit) ”.

Choose One of the following values:

0 – disable Superfetch

1 – Activate the pre-preparation at the beginning of the program

2 – To activate the preheating of the boots

3 – Allow prior preparation for everything

Select “OK “.

Close the registry editor.

Log out after the command line

Click “Search” → enter “Command line” → right click on the application → ” Run as administrator “.

Enter the command: sc config SysMain start \ u003d disabled

Restart the computer.

If you disable SuperFetch and want to enable it for certain applications, you can use a special switch in the program shortcut: / prefect: 1

Where is prefetch data stored?

By default, preload data is stored in the ” C: Windows Prefetch ” folder.

SuperFetch service required if you use a hard disk drive (HDD) and a small amount of RAM (up to 4 GB) on your computer.

When using modern components, you can turn off the service so as not to slow down your computer.

In the Windows 10 operating system, Microsoft developers have added many services and processes that run continuously.

These include protection services, tracking user actions, updates, etc. Some of them load the system, which is very powerful on weaker computers.

Users can stop these processes and cancel their startup at random when the computer is turned on.

In this article, we will learn how to disable SuperFetch in Windows 10 and find out why this service is responsible.

What is SuperFetch for?

Before proceeding with the closure procedure, you must understand the purpose of the process.

Knowing the functions that SuperFetch does will help you decide if you need to.

The description indicates that this service is designed to optimize and improve your computer’s performance over time.

According to the idea, the utility should monitor computer processes and optimize performance for tasks.

It is a kind of training program that adapts to your style of working with a computer.

However, details of the algorithms and technologies used in SuperFetch were not disclosed.

The service first appeared in Windows Vista, and its predecessor is Prefetch from the Windows XP operating system.

The process facilitates the rapid launch of applications. The free RAM area is full of programs that need quick access.

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