Task Manager tool in Microsoft operating system

Task Manager is a default tool in the Microsoft operating system that is present from older versions of Windows. The Task Manager will serve you to know and control all the processes and programs that are currently running on your computer with the Windows operating system. From this same tool you will also find tabs that allow you to know the Performance, Application History, Start, Users, Details and Service.

In the task manager we will know details that allow us to know the use of CPU, Memory, Disk or Network that the applications and processes that are now running on your computer. In this way we can know individually the exact use of the resources of our computer. Regarding this information, you can take measures that will allow you to close or restart processes or applications to control the use of your computer’s resources.

That said, we sometimes wonder how to access or open the Task Manager in Windows 10, although these same methods also work for previous versions of the Windows operating system. Thanks to this variety of methods we will be able to open the Task Manager in different ways and therefore if we do not find it impossible to open the Task Manager using any of these methods, we will be able to use others.

Microsoft operating system

Method 1: Open Task Manager Ctrl + Shift (shift) + Esc

The most direct way to open the Task Manager is by using a keyboard shortcut. In this case, we will use the following link: Ctrl + Shift (shift) + Esc. This will automatically and directly open the Task Manager tool window.

Method 2: Open the Task Manager from the blue screen.

Make use of the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + Alt + Del / Delete, This will open a blue screen with several options, among which is: Task Manager, in which you will have to click. This will open the window of said administrator from which you can perform the necessary operations.

Method 3: Open Task Manager from the taskbar

With the mouse and the taskbar you can access the task manager shortcut keys just by right-clicking on the taskbar. This will display a menu with various options, among them you will find the Task Manager option in which you must left click to open the Task Manager tool.

Method 4: Open the Task Manager from the run tool. 

You can access the Task Manager using the Run tool. You only have to use the keyboard shortcut: Windows Key + R. When the Run tool has been opened you must enter the following command: taskmgr. Once entered, press the Enter key to check how the Task Manager tool window automatically opens on your computer’s desktop.

Method 5: Open Task Manager from the advanced options menu. (Windows 8.1 and 10)

If you click with the right button of your mouse, on the icon of the start menu of the task bar in Windows 10 a menu will be displayed in which among other options you will find the Task Manager option, which you must select so that the tool opens. Alternatively, we can open the advanced options menu using the keyboard shortcut: Windows key + X. This causes the corresponding menu to open from which to access the task manager.

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